an eventful day! lots of pictures!

  1. despite the freezing temperature and biting winds, i met up with a few ladies of the mj forum this afternoon: jackie (tuffcookie) and jess (yes.please). we hit up the mj collection stores and the mbmj boutiques on bleecker. first of all, i don't know what was up with the sunday crew of the mercer st. collection store, but the sa's there were awful. they were rude and cold. not so at the new west fourth location. we were the only ones in the store, which was such a relief considering how crowded mbmj was. the ladies there were really conversational, helpful, and even offered us water.

    here are a few pictures from the trip. we weren't allowed to take pictures of the store, but i snuck a few shots in. the sa saw me though, but was kind enough not to say anything. jackie and jess got some very lovely key pouches, which i hope they'll post pictures of soon. i myself scored a large multipocket in yogurt with thick light brown suede interior! i had a good time. at this point, it's probably a good idea that i lay off on the bag spending, and perhaps divert funds to other things like shoes. :graucho:
    west fourth bag shelf.jpg west fourth bag shelf 2.jpg west fourth interior.jpg yogurt large mp.jpg yogurt large mp side.jpg
  2. one more pic of the mp.
    yogurt large mp interior.jpg
  3. Oh how FUN!!!!!! Love Love LOVE your bag!!!! that how they display the handbags? I've never been to a MJ boutique...So glad you had a wonderful time after all...and you didn't let snotty SA's spoil your fun!!! Can't wait for more feedback (& pics) of the pf meeting!!! Thanx for posting & keeping us included!!!!...and congrats on your new baby!!!!
  4. WHOOOSSAAAA! Your new bag is PRETTY!

    Ok, calling name that bag... what is the red bag on the second to last shelf on the left? Drooling!
  5. :drool::drool:At first glance I thought those were pics of your closet -- LOL!!!
    Glad you guys had fun! Next time you NY'ers get together - give me a hollar :p

    Love your new bag !!!!
  6. thanks, emmy. i really wish we could've taken more pics, but it was really painfully cold outside. all everyone wanted to do was walk briskly and duck into another warm store.

    thanks! i'm really happy with my mp. i was only planning on getting a cosmetics case, but they didn't have any that i liked. the bag you're referring to is the cherrytart patchwork stam. i love that color.
  7. Thanks for sharing the pics and congrats on your new purchase! :tup: Were any of the bags on sale by chance?
  8. thanks for the update tadpolenyc!!! glad you ladies had a great time. the store looks amazing...lots of bags!!! i am liking the reddish multipocket on the third row from the top.

    anyway, i love your yogurt mp. was that an impulse purchase :graucho: do they still have the grey mps?
  9. Sounds like you guys had a mucho fun day! I feel your pain with the weather, it's been in the teens here and with the wind chill I think it's negative something. BRRR! Wow, never seen so many MJ bags in one place, it'll be a bad bad day for my wallet if an MJ store opens up in Chi town. Congrats on your new purchase too, it's beautiful. The more and more these MP pics come up on the PF, the more and more I want one for myself.
  10. Those pics are making me drool!!:drool: So many gorgeous bags. Is that a patent Blake?? Love your multipocket. That is a great color. I am so jealous....even though the weather is better here in California, I'd love to be in that store. I am definitely going to have to save a lot of $$$ before my next trip to NYC. Thanks for taking those great pics. It sounds like a lot of fun, even though it was freezing!!!
  11. My idea of heaven would be seeing that many Marc Jacobs bags in one room. You are so lucky:smile: . Hope you had a fantastic day.
  12. I thought those pics were of your closet too! :roflmfao::p
  13. beYOOOOOTiful pics! :drool: :girlsigh: definitely worth risking your necks for the pics :yes::tup:
  14. none of the bags were on sale sadly.

    they do have the lilac grey small mps and both the large and small mps are being released in a new grey color for spring.

    there were patent blakes there in black, white, red orange, and aquamarine. the reddish blake that's sort of in the center of the picture was not patent, but the leather did have a sheen to it. it reminded me of the leather that was used for the striping line. it was a very pretty, spring-y poppy color.

    I WISH! :wtf:

    thanks for the nice comments, everyone! i really appreciate it. :flowers:
  15. OMG, those pictures are total eye-candy!!!!:nuts::nuts: Thank you for managing to take those pictures for all of us to drool over!!!

    I'm happy you ladies had such a great time! I wish we all could go to New York for a big tPF-MJ forum get-together and shop the boutiques. You ladies could be our tour guides! :p Congrats on your new MP Kim! It's gorgeous!!! :love: