An Event that Changed My Life (REVEAL)

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  1. About 2 months ago (around my 21st birthday) the most disheartening thing happened. My car was broken into and 2 of my favorite and most used LV bags were stolen, along with several other valuable things. I was so distraught and shocked, I didn't know what to do or how to feel. When the police and property manager knocked on my door the morning after the robbery, my anxiety level went THROUGH THE ROOF.

    Anyways... 2 months later, after going through craziness with insurance companies, car rentals, etc., etc... Here I am strong enough again to stand on my own two feet. I am back and feel great! This time around I am definitely going to be more careful with my things and I am definitely going to value them more. I think we as people don't appreciate how blessed we truly are... when there are those who have less than us. Today, I am SO very thankful for everything I have... my health, my support and my life. :biggrin:

    Here is my reveal! :P

    Here's ME at my friend's salon shortly after purchasing my bags!


    I look god awful :shame:

  2. No you dont!!!

    Its almost 3AM in germany, I look awful - but now I get to watch your reveal :biggrin: yayyy!!!

    And .. I am happy you feel much better now!!
  3. Yay!! Welcome back ;) Show us what you got!!
  4. congrats!
  5. ... a sneak peek...

  6. good for you:smile:
    im happy to hear that ur feeling better!
    now LETS SEE!! :biggrin:
  7. I like your positive attitude. Now quickly show us your bags :smile:
  8. I am demanding MORE! :biggrin:
    Since I saw you with your shopping bags in the other thread I was waiting for this :yes:
  9. I'm sorry to hear what you went thorugh, and I'm gald to hear and see that you're back on your feet with a smile ~
  10. Let's c what u got!!
  11. Wow; my first live reveal that I did not catch after the fact! Good for you! Make it a good one!!!:couch:
  12. Let's see!! take it off!!!
  13. another preview...



    Any guesses? ;)
  14. I saw you with your bags in the other thread - now we get to see what is in them! Congrats from being able to grow from your experience as well - that ability is a real gift.
  15. Glad you're doing better!! Congrats on your NF, let's see your other goody!