An even tan without tan lines... POSSIBLE or NOT?

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    I have some awful bikini tan lines from this summer and I need to get rid of it asap! I'm looking to get an even tan WITHOUT ANY tan lines. Is this possible?

    Has anyone ever gone into a tanning bed without any clothing? Sounds unsanitary...but I'm desperate for an even tan :nogood:
  2. Yes, I use a tanning booth multiple times a week, in the nude. I have used tanning beds nude too. The beds are cleaned between could also clean it yourself if you're worried.
    I don't think UV tanning is a good option for someone who's in a hurry though. Too easy to burn if you rush it.

    On a side note...I use tanning beds as my main source of vitamin D and I've been doing it for about a nails are a lot stronger than they used to be a year ago!! :smile: and my moods improved too. I get a mood boost from tanning that I don't get from vitamin D pills. I love it.
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    Kaleida, do you put sunscreen on certain parts to prevent burning? Some areas have never seen sunlight ever... if you know what I mean.

    I have never gone tanning in a bed before. Thanks for clarifying the cleaning part... I think I will scrub that machine down before I go in lol
  4. I don't, but I worked up to it very slowly. It works best if you go at the same pace as your palest/most sensitive area...start with just a couple of minutes. If you can do 2 minutes twice a week for a week or two without any burns, try 3 minutes twice a week for the next week or two. Add only 1 minute per week - and only if you don't burn on your most sensitive area. If you do burn, take some extra time off and use fewer minutes next time.

    note a tanning bed burn will feel more subtle than a sunburn - like skin warmth/pinkness/tightness that lasts for a few hours. It won't be bright red like sunburn but it's still a sign it was too much.

    This isn't a good option if you're in a hurry, it's more of a long-term thing...I think fake tanning lotion is a better idea if you're in a hurry.