An Even Stranger Experience

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  1. Let me just preface this post with: I am not complaining-just sharing.

    I was in the Short Hills Chanel yesterday looking at the Walk Of Fame Bag with my eyes-not hands. It was sitting on the table. I asked one of the SA's I don't normally deal with if they ordered it in coral. He said NO. I said, can I pick it up referring to the black to see how it felt and looked. He said Sure. I picked it up, walked to the mirror tried it on, and as I was taking it off, I held it in my hands and was looking at it. He ripped it out of my hands with lightening speed and put it back on the table and told me if I want coral he can order it. I walked back to the table to pick it up to look at it again and he blocked me. WTF???He kept saying he can order the coral over and over. Finally I thought to myself he has some mental issue and I walked out. I will get it at Saks NYC.
    There is something in the water in Short Hills.
  2. Jeez, its like Weirdsville and the SAs are the Mayors :biggrin: ;)
  3. What a rude SA. You should ring the store and complain to the manager - its just not on. :tdown:
  4. LOLLL. i like the part where you said 'there's something in the water at short hills' hahahahahaha, i bet there is! how strange
  5. OMG!!!! I would def call the store manager..and make sure are FOR SURE getting that bag SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!! Geeezz...just uncalled for...LOL I would have been straight up w/ him and asked him what his problem was...
  6. He was like Lurch..... just to give you a visual.
  7. That's horrible ... sometimes I wonder where these high-end SAs get off being such snobs.
  8. what the hell is wrong with those people over there at Short Hills??

    they seem irritated. they need fiber
  9. Ever see an episode of the English version of Absolutely Fabulous, when Eddie is treated badly and ignored by an SA? she loses her temper and goes on a rant that begun with 'OY SHOPGIRL!!..........'
  10. Haha, fiber, I love it!:roflmfao:
  11. I would just purchase it in Saks.
    Give the commission to someone nice.
    Some SA's are idiots.
  12. I saw that episode, it was so funny and true. I am surprised that SA makes any money if he treats customers like that- perhaps for some strange reason he wants to work for free!
  13. Maybe he just really wanted you to have the coral, and couldn't bear to see you with the black - ha!ha!
  14. Is there anything we can do about rude sales associates? Because I went to NM yesterday and the SA there remembers me because I bought a purse from her and it was a day before the price increase. I asked her if there were any sales and she told me no. But I saw that there were some Chanel items on sale? Why does she have to be so rude and she did not have to lie to me.
  15. Damn, they are usually pretty mellow at short hills. I shop there a lot and I always find the SA's to be pretty down to earth, and the manager too. I wonder what was up that SA's butt :sad:? It certainly was bad treatment, it should NOT have happened :cursing:.