An English Girl Goes to Yale - Where Should She Sleep?!

  1. I am a University Professor and am off to work for a few weeks at Yale (okay, the use of the term 'girl' in the title is therefore a bit misleading!). My question is, where should I stay? I am a bit of a hotel princess and always put comfort above cost when I am travelling on the (non-academic) grounds that it is a micro-economy where money doesn't count . . .! All advice very gratefully received.
  2. How much is your budget?

    You could always stay in one of the dorms (single room!) if you're feeling brave :biggrin: Most colleges are willing to put visiting professors up for a few nights!
  3. I don't mind a bit of a splurge and I kind of have a rule that I don't want to be less comfortable than I would be at home when I am travelling. So, although I am slightly embarrassed to admit it, I think my days of dorming are over. I am actually quite keen to have a place I can retreat to after spending the day doing things at the University. There'll be dinners and parties, but it would be rather nice to have a hidey hole too, so if anywhere comes to mind, I'd love to hear about it!
  4. i have nothing to contribute other than: Miss Sooky, I love that you travel in style. Wish I could do the same at the moment: but I will have to do the old 'national express routine' when I am going to South Coast tomorrow.... at least I am staying at a nice B&B (so often so much better than a equally affordable hotel).

    anyway, wishing you a good trip and nice time there (for me the big day is Thursday.... as you can imagine SCARED - haha)
  5. Hmm....I will be right back. One of my fellow students used to be at Yale. He lives in New Haven. I will email him and when I get a reply either PM you or post.

    This was what I got from the University website:

    These may be the only options unless you plan to drive. Most public transport in/around CT is pretty poor.

    Welcome to Connecticut!!
  6. Miss Sooky... Have you ever used Five Star Alliance to book rooms when you travel? They are wonderful to deal with and can tailor things to your specific needs/wants. As their name implies, they only deal with 5 Star hotels, so you could be assured of a good place to stay. Also, they take your credit card no., but you only pay the hotel or motel when you check out, and if your plans change, you are not out of luck like with the other travel agencies. I would call them instead of doing it online, as they can then answer any questions you might have and guide you to a place that would suit you.
  7. ^^ Well, scratch that. I couldn't find a 5 star hotel in New Haven. The Historic Mansion Inn, that lamiastella mentioned, was rated the No. 1 place to stay in New Haven though, so you might check out that site and see if it looks like what you've got in mind. Have fun!! :smile:
  8. This really has nothing to do with where to stay. But if you're craving sweets run into Atticus and eat a homemade ding-dong (chocolate cupcake filled with cream and then dipped in more chocolate) they are divine! New Haven is not necessarily a place where you're going to find amazing digs from what I understand, but you might see if there is a faculty club with nice rooms.
  9. Wow, thank you all of you. I went off to do the job I do to pass the time when I am not on TPF and returned to all these great suggestions and PMs - thank you! What a great place this is - I will be looking at all these suggestions in my quest to be Queen of the Fussy Academic Travellers!
  10. well it's not a five star hotel by any means but marriott residence inns are still pretty nice. they're tailored to people who are staying weeks at a time on business. they have full kitchens, laundry, hot breakfasts, great bedding etc. they'll even do grocery shopping for you. i had a friend stay in one for six weeks while she was training for her job and she LOVED it there.
  11. :drool: That sounds so yummy!
  12. Thank you. I know the Residence concept from a recent trip to Montreal and being able to kick off my shoes, open a bottle of wine, spread out my books and not have any children saying 'when is supper?' was a luxury pretty akin to 5 stars in my book, so I may well consider this option - especially now I know where to get the best deserts!
  13. No suggestions - here's wishing you a great trip, Miss Sooky!