An End To Purses on Bar Floors!

  1. I saw this in the New York Post and thought you ladies would enjoy it......

    Hook, line, no sinker: Don't put that $1,000 "It" bag on the barroom floor - keep your belongings away from foot traffic and creepy crawlies by popping them onto the pocket-sized Hollywood Purse Hook, a marvel of modern engineering on which you can hang handbags, umbrellas, jackets and even small dogs. Watch the kind-of-hilarious informational video and order two for a tenner at
  2. I think that's so cool!!

    I'm not one to buy little gadgets for this and that, but this is very interesting since the last time I was at the hairdresser I almost got my bag dirty. If I went out more often I think I'd seriously consider buying that thing. (if possible in Canada)
  3. lol too funny! i never put my purse on the floor...superstition (sp?) and bad luck
  4. cute =) i NEVER put my bags on the floor anyway! bigggg no no for me lol!
  5. ... and even small dogs? Ugh, dogs as accessories.

    Having one to hang one's bag up seems a fine idea.
  6. Who the hell puts their bags on a gross barfloor anyway?!
  7. I occasionally put my bags on the floor. What are you supposed to do with them? I'm not going to eat with it on my lap.
  8. That purse hook is a great idea! How funny! I might have to get one of those! I never put my bag on the floor. I really hate that. Did you know they did a study once and the bottom of a woman's purse is more filthy that a bathroom floor? They've found ecoli viruses living on the bottom of them! Disgusting...:throwup:
  9. The lengths we go to for our beauties....

    Just this week I had a dr. appointment and while in the restroom I realized there was no hook on the door, so I spent 2-3 minutes layering paper toweling on the floor until I had a sufficient barrier between my bag and the nasty floor.

    Yesterday my hubby surprised me at work and took me to lunch at a small cafe where the chair backs were too thin and rounded to hold my I hung it off of my knee.

  10. i would never put my bag on the floor no matter where.
  11. Doesn't somebody on the PF already have something like this - I remember seeing in one of the subforums "what is IN your ......" that somebody had a bag hook in their bag.

    It was either on the LV forum or the Bottega Veneta one.

    I normally put my bag on the floor to be honest or on top of my feet (if the floor looks dirty), unless it is a shoulder one and I can hang it over the chair or my knee.
  12. I just noticed that the advertisement indicates the hook holds up to 35lbs....which is a good thing in my case with all the stuff I carry!:p
  13. i never put my bag on the floor its either on a chair or my lap
  14. If you do a search on "purse hooks" you'll see several threads on it in different subforums...many TPFers have one in their bag! (I don't because I'm afraid someone will just grab my purse that's dangling off a table and run!):nuts: