An end to an Oskar Waltz is gone...

  1. LOL. I sold my beloved Oskar waltz and offically sent of off to its new home.:crybaby:

    At first I was sad but now i'm over it. :roflmfao:It was a piece that I admired more than I wore. If i won the lotto tomrrow I'd be ticked and want it back...but until then I'm ok:tup:

    Just had to share.

    Any of you holding onto certain bags "just cuz"? Curious to see......
  2. Awwww....the owner will be such a happy girl!!!

    I had some like that...but decided to just let go!!!
  3. awwwwww

    I am the same with my chinchilla, I know I should let it go to a new home but just can't
  4. ummmm... yes I have been. I too have decided to let some go. Hard thing isn't it? But~ then I relish in getting the things I need or haven't gotten before for some reason or another. It is a happy trade in the end. What is your plan now? Anything new to purchase?

  5. yep. The buyer paid over time so I planned to save most and spend a little. some bills and be a good girl.

    I'm really into Chanel noways (don't kill me:push:smile:.

    Now that I let go of it and lived lol..... i plan to sell some other stuff too and I will use that money to buy new bags. sell one buy one will be my new thing. No more unused bags:okay:
  6. Oh good bye Oskar! I love that bag, but I understand where you are coming from in regard to admiring something rather than using it. I think you made a good choice.
  7. What will you be buying now?:graucho:
  8. ^ Lol yea are you buying anuthing else :graucho:
  9. least you get to use that money to fund other bags you'll end up using more right?!
  10. Yeah, my Plum Le Fab sits unused. I've been thinking of letting her go, but it breaks my heart.
  11. it's always been my rule that if something (clothes/shoes/bags etc) is sitting for more than 3 months I donate or sell it or give it away. I don't like having my items just sitting and not being used especially the big ticket items lol. congrats iluvbags!!!
  12. That's how I operate too!
  13. Oh yes lots. But i love them. I admire your strength.
  14. I applaud your strength in letting such a beauty go. I hope you got a great price for it- the price of Oskars seem to be doubling on eBay as of late!
  15. Good for you! I plan to buy a chanel one day:tup:...I too may get rid of one more:graucho: