An emotional night about life- READ

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  1. So I feel like my day today showed me a bird's eye view of life- from birth to death. I am really upset about it all- it just was hard to see.

    Early this evening, Vlad and I went to the hospital to see the new baby of the family I nanny for in the NICU. He came at 32 weeks, and is doing well, but will probably be in the NICU for 2 more weeks, so 3 weeks total. He is just adorable, weighing in at 5 lbs, but still needs help feeding and breathing. I watched his little head and eyes, and his 3 year old sister give him a kiss and whisper hello to him. The entire NICU was only filled with families hoping that their babies get well and can live a really long life. It was so amazing to see- really just shows how amazing we come into this world.

    After the hospital, I met my friend for dinner to celebrate his birthday. During the meal, we heard a huge thump- and I saw someone fall from the corner of my eye. I look over and a man, about 75-80, had completely just fallen onto the ground. He hit really hard, landing on a chair first, then on the floor. His daughter was frantic calling for help- and an ambulance was there quickly. My friend is also an EMT and went to help. The good news is the man was conscious and breathing. They do not think he had a stroke, but possibly a mild heart attack. It broke my heart to see his family so worried and see him taken out of the restaurant- he was just trying to go have a nice meal with his family.

    I feel like in a 3 hour time span, I saw the entire emotional journey, from birth to death. It was really an odd experience- that it all happened in such a short time- from the NICU to an older gentleman possibly nearing the end of this life...

    It was just a really emotional night. So keep this little baby in your thoughts, along with the man I saw tonight please :heart:
  2. Oh Megs! What an emotional day!
    One of my babies was in the NICU briefly, it's so bittersweet, but what a miracle!:love:
    It's hard to see others in pain, I'm sorry you witnessed it this evening.
  3. Oh Megs! You really had a rough day! I will keep both of them in my thoughts and prayers!
  4. Thanks all :flowers: I somewhat feel like it was some sort of life lesson- life is precious at all ends of the spectrum, ya know?
  5. or another lesson is that life is about overcoming obstacles.. no matter how young or old one takes alot of "umph" ... also.. life is full of pain..
  6. Sorry you had a hard day. I hope tomorrow is better!

    I will keep the baby and the man in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. Wow...what an emotional experience....all in a days time too....*hugs*...

    In those kinds of situations, one does start to think harder about life and death.....It reminds me to just live fully and not be caught up in the stupid issues of day to day living that might get us be more aware and be appreciative....

    My thoughts are with them....
  8. oh wow!! that was the full spectrum. *hugs for everyone involved*
  9. Precisely... it was full spectrum.

    I really think the gentleman is going to be ok, and this little baby too- but they both have some obstacles to overcome right now
  10. So sorry Megs, its wierd like that when the world comes full circle.. and people finally realize their tiny place and see how lucky they are!!

    Ill be sending prayers to the little baby :heart:
  11. wow. In a weird way, I think you were blessed today to witness such extreme moments of life and death. Your heart will be stronger for it. :heart:
  12. I hope you feel better soon, Megs! And I will keep both the baby and the man in my prayers. Sometimes it takes an unforgettable event to remind ourselves how precious a life can be. We should cherish every single sec when we're with our love ones.
  13. I'm not really sad- but I posted a sad face... just really thinking a lot. I am happy I got to see this beautiful baby, and I am happy to see that the man was ok and surrounded by people that loved him.

    You all are great! Thanks
  14. ((hugs)) megs...that's an emotional day. Like you said full spectrum.

    For me the hardest thing is the kids. I used to volunteer in the pediatrics ward, but it just got too hard, now I just volunteer in the ER, much and out, no time to get attached.

    I hope everyone does well, will keep them in my thoughts.
  15. Seeing this circle of life is something that you will see again and again as you age. Life is just a never ending cycle of births and deaths- both literally and figuratively. I am glad that you already recognize what, in essence, is a very precious gift this information is presenting to you. It will take you far in life.