An eehlers Family Portrait

  1. Gorgeous collection! I especially love your orange mini MAC!
  2. Everything is so pretty! I am loving the ostrich MAM and the Butter Nikki. The leather looks amazing on it!
  3. Great selections! I just love the butter nikki! Butter leather is so wonderful!
  4. Thanks baghag, nygrl, Denverite and HGG! Butter and Orange both make me so happy just looking at them - they're so cheerful. And Butter leather is like soft and smooshy that I'd love to just curl up in it.

    My next RM will definitely be colorful. Maybe a red or a blue or a green...decisions, decisions.
  5. Love your family photos- you have excellent taste! I especially love that Ostrich MAM- oy, that's a spectacular bag!! :drool:
  6. That ostrich MAM is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  7. Wow, love the MAM's! I haven't see that ostrich one before. Very nice!
  8. eehlers - wooooo! gorgeous family portrait!!! and LOL @ sears comment!!! :lol:
  9. Thank you! The ostrich MAM was my first RM, and thus the addiction began.:graucho:

    I'm thinking I may bring her out tomorrow - I'll be wearing red for Valentine's Day, so I think her color blocking will really pop!
  10. I LOVE your collection! The mattie and nikki so stand out to me and could come live with me if they'd like. ;)
  11. LOL - perhaps we can set up something like an exchange student situation. Mine come stay with you for a while, and a couple of yours can come stay with me for a while....

  12. OMG! That is perfect!! :woohoo:
  13. I call dibs on Jade Nikki! I could send a lovely Butter Nikki your way...:graucho:
  14. Hahahaha! Watch out that what you say doesn't come true!! ;)
  15. So...looks like they'll be another (big) sister joining the family...