An eco handbag maker -- beautiful bags from recycled leather jackets

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  1. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the company, called Remade USA:

    But I love every single bag I've seen here since discovering this just 30 minutes ago via Huffington Post.

    Picture 1.png
  2. Very interesting! I guess those bags will be one-of-a-kind?
  3. It says that each is one of a kind but that you can sign up when similar models appear.
  4. Oh, I love those!! Very nice.
  5. ooh, I love these! I can imagine how soft the leather must be.
  6. My friend made me a huge bag from a less than perfect dark green leather skirt. I love it. Nice to know someone's following up the idea
  7. Ho cool! I love that they will make you a custom bag out of your own old leather jacket, and give you a $20 discount! I just gave away a burgundy vintage leather jacket I wouldn't wear anymore, and I would have loved to make a bag out of it! Too bad...
  8. And the linings are vintage scarves! I don't really love the styles they have now, but I can see this being a great business.
  9. Yea I have that site bookmarked. I LOVE the recycling. I sent in a special request a while back but so far haven't gotten lucky. :smile:
  10. Thank you for this thread. I have a few leather jackets I was going to just give away but it would be awesome to have them made into bags!
  11. I saw these in an email newsletter I get. I think they're really great!