An eBay seller had the nerve to email me to ask why I didn't bid on her item!

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  1. I am at a loss for words.

    I was watching a Coach purse on eBay and had asked the seller a couple questions while the listing was active. The purse was used and had a broken turnlock so I asked about the general condition of the bag. I also asked about whether or not she'd ship in a properly sized box with stuffing, etc. I've been burned on eBay a lot so I now ask lots of question before bidding, especially with less experienced sellers. She responded, I thanked her for answering my questions and said that I would probably be bidding.

    As the end of the auction got closer I thought more about it and decided not to bid because, while I really wanted the bag, I thought the price was a bit too high considering that it was used and damaged. Also, another seller had listed the same exact bag for only $10 more and it was not damaged and NWOT. The auction ended yesterday and nobody bid on it, which confirms that her asking price was too high.

    Then, I get the following email from the seller around an hour ago:

    "how come no bid?"


    It takes a lot to shock me. I've seen and heard so many things in this lifetime that most things have no affect on me. I am flabbergasted by this, seriously. As an eBay seller myself, I would NEVER email someone who expressed interest in one of my items to ask why they didn't bid.

    Is it just me or is this incredibly rude and, well, weird?
  2. Very rude. You could email her and say you found better deal on same bag, but you do not owe her an explaination at all. Never heard of a seller doing that, either.
  3. Is that all she wrote? I might have written something like this: "Hi, you had expressed interest in my item but didn't bid. May I ask why, so I can adjust my auction accordingly, and hopefully the bag will sell next time." And then thank you profusely.

    If that's all she wrote, that was kind of rude. But at least she didn't criticize you for wasting her time to answer your questions.
  4. I would give her an explanation, followed by "I also appreciate you answering my questions, but I never promised that I would bid on your item and in the future you ought not harrass people who are interested, but don't bid."
  5. "how come no bid?" was the extent of the email. Nothing more.

    I can't tell you how many times I get questions on my items from people who never bid. Who knows why they decided not to bid? Maybe they didn't like my answer; maybe they planned to snipe and the price got too high; maybe they changed their mind; or maybe they fell off the face of the earth. I don't know and I don't think it's my business to be questioning them.

    Maybe I am just overreacting.
  6. I think you are overreacting. She doesn't sound like she is being mean. She simply wondered why you didn't bid. (Although I would probably not do this, I don't really see it as anything other than a simple question). I would answer her honestly and leave it at that.
  7. ^Yeah I agree.
    I've gotten tons of questions from people, requesting more pics, measurements, etc. and then never hear from them again. It does kind of make me wonder what happened, but I'd never email them about it.
  8. oh I had this happen I was looking at some pampered chef plates/mug set once asked the seller lots of questions and so on and she couldn't answer them like the size of the plates and so on.

    Well I found another seller who answered all my questions and did a bin so after this other sellers auction is over she is ranting how I wasted her time and didn't bid and she saw i won and identical set. I guess she wanted her auction to go higher in the end? I don't know?

    I say though what nerve!
  9. everybody is different, im sure she didnt mean harm by it. She probbly thought you were really going to bid after her ansering all your questions and when you didnt she was probably confused as to thinking she did something wrong since you were no longer interested.
  10. I would just not respond. Really it is none of her business why you didnt bid. So you dont have to give her a answer.
  11. :wtf:Wow!
  12. I wouldn't answer her either.
    At least she didn't get all nasty & rude with you.
  13. I think the wording is rude. I would ignore her, you dont need to give anyone an explanation. asking questions is normal, no commitment required...:nogood:
  14. I really wanted to ask an ebayer "how come no BIN?"
    I had my item w bin price up, this ebayer asked question, answered. Ended up no sale. This same ebayer emailed me asked if I will relist, very interested, I said I will if she decide she wanted it and will BIN it. I relisted bcux she said yes. Relisted, still unsold.
    But I didn't asked even though I should have, I lost my listing fee....
  15. Sorry that happened. Sometimes people look around and find something else and move on..