An eBay Fake...

  1. Lol yeah that was pretty bad, some of the fakes these days get way too creative. :yucky:
  2. I'm floored that someone is dumb enough to pay that for that ugly bag.
  3. At least the "ag" is still on. :shrugs:

    I would love to see how eBay decides what to pull. Some I report get pulled within hours. Some, like this one from a zero fb seller, remain until completion.
  4. It helps when more than one person reports it, too. I see the OP posted it in the thread I gave her as well so it will likely get taken down. :yes:
  5. I never understand how hideous fakes get bids on them - even ignoring the fact it is fake - it is just plain hideous!
  6. ITA. Hope it get taken down.
  7. I was seen thru to the bitter end. Yuck! For $250 you can get a cute bag...or at least a killer pair of jeans!
  8. Oops!
  9. eek i can`t believe something that hideous went up to 250!
  10. Ick and double ick!
  11. I feel sorry for the buyer. She asked if it was authentic and the seller just told her a big lie.