An Ebay and Outlet Purchase...

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  1. After buying a couple of light bags that need a lot of babying i decided that i need to buy a bag (or two :biggrin:) which i could use no matter what the weather. Last weekend at Bicester i got myself this in Chocolate...
  2. Alexa regular in Chocolate

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  3. Then this popped up on Ebay..
  4. Ink Antony.

    The leather is so soft..

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  5. Wow, they're beautiful Sue! Congratulations - loving your collection! :love:
  6. Thanks Cupcake.. but i have just sold my silky snake! Realised the light colours is just not for me, i wear so much jeans and it just wont get used! I used it once and worried so much the whole time but dirt and colour transfer it just didn't meant sense to keep it!
  7. Ooh love the colour of ink antony, lovely haul there Sue!
  8. Oh that Alexa in chocolate was beautiful!:smile:
  9. Thanks Kyliegul, the ink colour is gorgeous.
  10. Thanks Baginuse. Had to decide between the chocolate and black and went with chocolate in the end!
  11. Super bags Sue....congratulations! :tup:
  12. You've made good choices - congratulations!!
  13. Beautiful bags :biggrin:
  14. Very nice items there. Sad to hear about returning your SS Alexa but like you say its not worth it if your constantly worrying about it.
  15. Well done Sue two equally lovely bags in the right colours i love them both esp the the Anthony.;)
    The chocolate is delicious so much better than black i think.