An easy one!!Tivoli or lockit for yourself???

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  1. Hi!! Just want to get 2 cents from everybody. If someone offered you an LV gift, which one would you choose? A tivoli or monogram lockit (regular).
    Please state pro and cons for your choice. Merci boucoup!:flowers:
  2. Hmm i think i would get the Mono lockit (Any lockit for that matter!) the lockit is so gorgeous and i love the shape! i think the lockit is a bag you can wear day & night:yes:
  3. Come on girls!!! I need more votes, pleaaase:p
  4. Tivoli get my vote! I prefer the lockit in epi.
  5. Tivoli as I prefer the lockit in suhali:yes:
  6. Mmm, I also prefer to Lockit in suhali, or epi. So I would go Tivoli :yes:
  7. I'd pick a Tivoli
  8. tivoli! it can be casual n formal. lockit is very formal..
  9. tivoli :yes:. lockit regular is only handheld and tivoli can be shoulder too (if u mean tivoli pm i can have it on shoulder without winter coat and doesn't look funny), no vachetta bottom and tivoli is more expensive lol
  10. I'd take the Tivoli, because I would rather have the Lockit in Suhali.
  11. TIVOLI PM...Roomy....
  12. Tivoli!
    I prefer the lockit in epi!
  13. Me too. I also prefer the lockit in epi. What I don't like about the lockit in monogram is the vachetta bottom.
  14. Lockit
  15. Tivoli.......but they are nearly impossible to find.......:sad: