An early Valentine!

  1. Well since i got an early Valentines Day delivery today, I decided to take t a photo w/my Valentines Day bag! Happy almost Valentines Day everyone!
    valentine bag choc carly 001.jpg
  2. lovely!!!
    on a related note, how the heck did you tie that scarf so perfectly!!! i can't do it no matter how hard i try :sad:
  3. too cute!! i love the scarf
  4. so adorable donnalynn, love the bag and accessories!... so festive for valentines day... happy valentines day to you as well!!
  5. Aww I love everything!
  6. awww, are they from your hubby?
    love your Valentine bag!
  7. Awww, everything's lovely!
  8. Nice roses and beautiful valentine bag!!!! Happy early Valentine's Day!!
  9. Yes the roses are from my hubby! My son saw them and said "you got flowers AGAIN!!!" like it get them every day! Too funny!
  10. aww your bag and scarf are so pretty.. very cute.
  11. What a gorgeous picture! And yes, you do tie the perfect bow! I'm so jealous! I'm STILL struggling w/ Madeline's bow! arggh!!!! LOL!
  12. Just beautiful! Congrats on such a sweet gift, and bag :graucho:
  13. Very pretty!:love::girlsigh:
  14. That is very sweet...the beautiful flowers with your beautiful Valentines bag!:love:
  15. awww beautiful! thanks for sharing!!! :tup: