An early morning reveal from Paris *update p. 9*

  1. Bonjour my lovely friends on tpf! :smile: I just came back to Paris for a day to run some errands and of course I stopped by our beloved Hermes stores. Sadly all I saw was crowded space and bare shelves in every boutique's leather department. But to my surprise, i still got a few beautiful items before heading back to Lausanne today. Extremely thankful and excited so i decided to do an early morning reveal from my hotel in Paris.Is anyone around to join me for a fun ride? :smile:
    image-3979511708.jpg image-3837997569.jpg image-365236152.jpg
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  2. Here!
  3. oh la la
  4. Yeah I m ready n with u....
  5. oh la la la la - I am here:smile:
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    Oh goodie! Live from Paris!!! Doesn't get better than that!! Love your hotel room too. Which hotel? Might need info for future ref!:graucho::smile:
  7. Waiting!
  8. Here and waiting!!
  9. Waiting too. Always look forward to your reveals!
  10. Can't wait!!
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    Watch one: yellow gold h hour w diamond. It is a discontinued model (no more making yg w dia of h hour watch since 2 yrs ago) and was so lucky in finding it.
    image-325039441.jpg image-859097461.jpg image-615516245.jpg image-2438965081.jpg
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  12. :drinkup: I'm here!
  13. Are digging and treasure hunting:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::roflmfao::ps: for your finding! Cant believe you can get one that already no more in production!

  14. ooo darling its stunning !!!
  15. Watch two: cape cod tourneau in rosé gold w diamond. Have been loving this watch since its release. But I couldn't justify the purchase bc I own a white gold w dia cape cod already. I pulled the trigger today because its such a beautiful piece and I really can't control my desire any longer! Lol... Here she is! ;)
    image-30132962.jpg image-1478134133.jpg image-669544012.jpg image-2266859730.jpg image-3916094712.jpg
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