An early Christmas present :)

  1. I went to BalNY today and got a sienna city! I don’t normally like brown but sienna is the perfect shade of reddish brown. It’s definitely my favorite color from this season :love:

    I also saw the color swatches for S/S 08 and got on the waiting list for a BG coin purse and makeup. The SA said that the bags would start coming in very soon!




  2. Gorgeous!
  3. Oh Dont you just love crossing stuff off your wish list? Nice Buy! Congrats, she's gorgeous!!! You're so right, she is the perfect reddish brown shade!
  4. congrats! i reckon it's more burnt orange. sigh, i want a sienna day :crybaby:
  5. Erica~ Congrats on your Sienna City!! You will find that it goes with almost EVERYTHING. The leather on yours looks yummy too!! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats! Such a pretty color - nice choice! Now you have room on your wish list for one more bag!
  7. congrats! isnt sienna just gorgeous?.... i love using mine... its one of the most gorgeous browns made and it goes with everything!
  8. that's absolutely gorgeous! hope u'll enjoy using it
  9. Congratulations!
  10. oh just lovely! The color is rich and the leather looks yummy!
  11. Absolutely beautiful, erica! I love Siena, and I agree with CleoCouture.. there's no feeling like crossing off a part of your wishlist!
  12. :love:Gorgeous!!! One of my all time fave browns. Lucky girl, it's stunning.

  13. Love it!! Congrats.
  14. Erica YAY! Now we are Sienna sisters! I love your bag- yummy leather!
  15. Congrats ... love that color!