an early christmas gift!

  1. lookie what i won on eBay yesterday :smile:

    whenever i go out, i use my black quilted ZC but end up having to carry it under my arm, so the bev will be perfect with its gold wristlet chain. i got a really great deal on it too!

    i have a holiday party this friday so hopefuly ill receive her before then!
    so like many of you ladies, i am officially on a ban until the spring/summer! :banned:

    ps- this new smilie is so funny ---> :feminist:
  2. Congrats! - Perfect for the holidays!
  3. How cute! It will be great for holiday parties!! Congrats!
  4. Love it!!! You can give your black zc a break from the holiday parties. Enjoy!!!
  5. Adorable!!!
  6. that's awesome. i saw at Nordies this weekend, it's a nice size! have fun with that!
  7. This will be a great evening bag!! Congrats!
  8. OMG I love that!!!!!! Glad you got's a great piece to add to your collection!!
  9. TuffCookie - I love it. I actually had it on my watch list and wanted to bid...but I'm broke. I'm glad someone on here got it though - very pretty and a great price! Congrats :yes:
  10. pretty! it'll look great with your holiday party attire. congrats!
  11. :drinkup::drinks::drinkup:
  12. Oh very nice. I agree that the zip clutch is not as much a clutch as it is a wallet. I tried using it as a clutch once and felt kind of silly. This'll be much better!
  13. OMG!! I saw that on e-bay! I'm so glad someone got it!! YEY! Its soo cute! :yahoo:
  14. Congrats!! I love the chain.:tup:
  15. ill post modeling pics. ups says she'll be here tomorrow - i cant wait!!