An early birthday reveal and other goodies! Just in time for Chinese New Year!


Climbing up the peak
Just posted in the LV thread with some of my birthday hauls. This year I had some issues with my health and was not feeling so good. Am on my road to recovery and hubby allowed me to indulge a little more this year to cheer myself up.

Without further ado, here's my instant reveal:

I have posted my 12A Grey GST in the GST club thread but have yet done a reveal. I have not started using this baby yet, will see.

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Climbing up the peak
And I recently sold off my older version GST black with ghw just so that I can get ..... The new version!!!! I'm so in love with the new grommets with Rue Cambon engraved around it so I went ahead and got myself a new GST in the most classic combination. Boring? I know but I cannot deny that it is one of the most stunning colour combination!


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Apr 13, 2012
Happy birthday! Your GSTs are lovely, both the classic black and the lovely grey, and the earrings are so sweet! Wonderful haul and hope you are feeling much better now!


Feb 23, 2008
Happy birthday!! I am in love with each and every piece of your haul...all so exquisite and stylish. :heart: You and your hubby have great taste!
Oct 13, 2009
gorgeous grey you've bag there! congrats! good to hear you are well :smile: now you can enjoy your hauls in good health! looking forward to more reveals:smile: