an early b-day gift to myself - navy pat. reissue and...

  1. I popped into Saks this morning on a whim and almost passed out with joy, my SA has literally just received a Navy patent reissue 2.27 sz and a jumbo Classic white caviar flap, so I decided I would buy my own birthday gift this year, well, two actually, to save my DH the time and trouble, well, but NOT the expense:yahoo:! Happy 38th to ME!

    I am so excited about the navy patent reissue, I want to show the mailman, the electrician, my two year old... they must think I am NUTS!
  2. Congrats!!! We're twins!! I have both of those bags!!
  3. congrats and happy bday! :yahoo:
  4. ooh, you have exquisite taste:happydance:do you love the white caviar? how does it wear??? I am a bit scared of wearing it to be honest, I have a two year old and am a bit of a klutz frankly...

    do you wear it for casual with jeans and dressed up? I also found the new "washed" caviar jumbo flap with the new dk sliver bijoux chain and the madm lock at Neimans, I wasn;t sure which I should do...the washed caviar is almsot a dirty white, it seems like it isn;t so "bright" if you know what I mean. Have yous een that one? which wyd?
  5. congrates and happy birthday.
  6. honestly i have not worn it yet. I have a black jumbo that I wear quite often though since getting it recently.
    I'm not too afraid of the white though. caviar is quite durable.

    Once I break it out i plan to wear it w/ everything!! :tup:
  7. Happy birthday!!!! That is the best way to celebrate! Both are absolutely gorgeous! enjoy them in the best of health!
  8. thanks so much for the b-day wishes, getting this close to 40 is not easy and having these lovely bags sure make its more bearable!
  9. Happy Birthday and Congrats. Those are lovely bags.
  10. Beautiful bags!
  11. Great picks. Congratz! And happy birthday!
  12. OMG....They are sooo beautiful....:drool: Congrats and happy Bday!!!
  13. Great bags! And Happy Birthday. :balloon:They are both. :love: I thought about getting the white, but got dark white instead. The white is beautiful & that reissue is TDF.
  14. Happy Birthday! Your bags are gorgeous and 40 is a piece of cake ;).
  15. I have the white caviar jumbo too and its amazing! I'm sure you'll enjoy it :smile: I :heart: the navy pat too!