An Early Arrival - Happy Spring (reveal) **New Pics Pg 9!!!

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  1. One of my grail bags decided to surprise with an early arrival----:woohoo:
  2. Oh Penny, you always have such great taste for bags. Can't wait to see this!
  3. penny, YEY! another reveal............cant wait!
  4. ^^^^^ Thank you for joining me girls!! I can always count on you to be happy with me :smile:
  5. refresh, refresh, refresh...
  6. Just a little hint:girlsigh:~~~~
  7. piafee - Welcome :smile:
  8. I'm living right - this is my third live reveal this week!!! Let's see it!
  9. :popcorn:
  10. WOOOHOOOO!!! Bring it on, Penny!!!
  11. It's Vert something!!! Sorry, am bad with the names of green colours ...
  12. vert anis kelly 32?
  13. Welcome Ladies - :smile:
    I'm keeping you guessing while I resize her "debut" pic--
  14. ^good guess! I'm thinking the same.....:yes:
  15. vert anis!!!!!!!!!!!