An early Anniversary/Christmas gift!!!

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    My DH and I are approaching our 24th anniversary in 2 days. Yesterday, after dinner, we decided to take our 2 girls to the mall to look at the Christmas decorations. When we approached the Louis Vuitton store, my husband said "Let's go in and take a look." I thought sure, why not, but wasn't thinking much of it. After my Chanel spending spree in Europe this past summer and our upcoming trip to Japan next summer, I didn't think that we would get anything. But it never hurts to do some window shopping :angel:. The store was pretty crowded due to the holidays I guess. As I was passing my way through the store, a couple of the SAs said hello. One in particular, followed me and asked what i was looking for. I told her i wanted to see the Alma BB and the Twist in Epi leather. Those 2 styles are on my wishlist but I had never seen them in person before. My husband told me to ask her for the purse I had been looking for in Europe and I was like, "Yeah right, that's not going to happen." But he insisted, saying "It never hurts to ask and you never know." So I asked the SA, "Do you have the Pochette Metis in stock?" and that's when her eyes lit up and she said "As a matter of fact, I do. Three came in today and there's one more left." She proceeded to pull it out from underneath a nearby counter and showed it to me and said she just took it out of the stockroom. I couldn't believe it! I told her that I had looked for this handbag in Paris and Florence and couldn't get it. I even told her that even online, when I was able to place it in my cart, I was never able to get it at checkout. My husband then proceeded to whip out his credit card and said "We'll take it." I was flabbergasted :amazed:! He said that he knew I had wanted to get it in Europe and didn't know if this opportunity was going to come up again and so he wanted to buy it for me. As we were finishing up, another SA came up to ask if the PM was taken as another customer had seen it and wanted it. So I got an early Anniversary/Xmas gift yesterday from my generous DH. This is my 1st LV piece ever! I am so lucky! Whats more, I was able to get the gorgeous holiday packaging. Thanks all for letting me share.
  2. Sorry everyone. I took a whole bunch of pictures on my iPhone, but can't upload as it says the uploaded file is too large for the server to process. Can anyone help me? TIA
  3. Congratulations!! It’s so meant to be! :smile:
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  4. For me I have to resize it to “square” in order for my pics to upload. Hope that helps!
  5. Thank you! I am so happy. I can't believe it. My very 1st LV piece and it's a PM. I'm over the moon. I had almost given up hope of ever getting my hands on this beauty.
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  6. How do you do that?
  7. You’ll have to resize it on your iPhone by hitting “edit” and click on the resize symbol. That’s the way I was able to do it unless someone else has a better way to do it! :biggrin:
  8. I love stories like this! Congratulations on your anniversary and pochette metis :flowers:
  9. It was meant to be yours! Happy wedding anniversary!
  10. Congrats!
    Lucky you!!!!!
  11. congrats on your Anniversary LV!!
  12. Congrats and happy anniversary
  13. Congratuations!!
  14. Happy anniversary, and congratulations on you first (but believe me, not last ) LV!
  15. That was beautiful♥