An Bulga sad story ... almost

  1. Ok, I take my Bulga w/me Friday for my manicure. I am so careful, I hang it on my chair with it facing inward so no one brushes against it, etc. I have never had any purse disasters there but I am being super careful.
    Nails all done, my manicurist carries my bag over to the drying table and puts it down on the carpeted floor next to me. I start to read US magazine like I do every week so I get totally lost in the celeb stories (darn Brit/Paris/Linday) and overhear some other woman telling someone to put oil on her nails to help them dry, she always does. I look up and this woman is trying to pick up her bag WITH HER OILY FINGERS which is smack dab up against my Bulga. I grab for my bag, but too late, OIL SPLOTCHES on the Bulga Amore!! :crybaby:
    She leaves quickly (I think she knew what she did) and I am furious w/myself for not protecting my bag (darn US magazine!). So today, I look at the bag and the oil marks are practically gone, I cannot believe it! And they were major! Woo Hoo-a purse miracle of sorts! :wlae:
    But lesson learned--I will only be taking my beat-up yet sturdy wallet into the nail place from now on.
  2. Glad everything worked out in the end. The oil probably got absorbed by the leather and spread out. Did you check the lining to make sure that the oil didn't seep through and stain it?
  3. Just checked, the lining is fine.

    I took the bag outside in the bright sun to look at the splotches again and the oil must have just been absorbed. Unreal but a happy ending--the Good Purse Fairy gave me a break!
  4. so glad your bulga didn't have problems. i find that the bulga leather is much more lenient with spots (as long as it is not penmarks) and nail scratches then i first thought. just need to rub it a little and voila! all gone. you don't need to baby them. that's why i love their leather!
  5. phew... i like purse stories with happy endings! i had an incident with my banana crescent bulga last week... was walking over to campus with the Bulga over my shoulder, and carring a heavy blue cardboard box full of papers in my arms. the ink from the box had somehow rubbed off onto the side of the Bulga :wtf:. bright blue smears on the beautiful cream leather!!

    i used the 'white eraser' trick and it got most of it off, but there are some faint light blue spots left, hardly noticeable, except to me most likely. i am waiting on a delivery from lovinmybags to try some good leather cleaner on the remaining spots.

    LOVE the BULGA LEATHER THO! i think i should try for more darker colors in the future however ;)
  6. :wtf:...but your story had a happy ending! Well, I will NEVER take my bag to the salon again. That could have been really bad, but now we know Bulga leather is good and hardy!