An awesome "Delivery Status" Widget for Mac lovers!!

  1. :tup:This is really cool, the status will update automatically for you, and even count down the days!!!!

    Delivery Status lets you track your deliveries from:

    * (US and Canada)
    *,,,,,, and
    * (including all international stores)
    * Aramex
    * Canada Post (Postes Canada)
    * DHL (US and Germany)
    * DPD
    * FedEx and FedEx SmartPost
    * Google Checkout
    * Nintendo (US and Canada)
    * Purolator
    * Royal Mail
    * Posten (Norway)
    * Posten (Sweden)
    * TNT
    * UPS and UPS Mail Innovations
    * USPS (United States Postal Service)
  2. oooh that looks good... thanks!
  3. I loaded this up, and it is awesome! I have it linked to my order, and my new swimsuit that is being delivered UPS. :tup: