an 'autumn' themed event

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  1. hey ladies and gents!

    ok this is desperation 101.. have an autumn themed cocktail night to attend next week and i need some ideas of what to wear that could make my sis and i stand out! lol. like besides a normal dress..

    they advised gold, brownish colours etc.. and was thinking leaves in the hair or something! i dont know

    any ideas anybody???? all help appreciated thanks!!
  2. I was so surprised to see an "autumn" theme since we are slowly inching our way toward spring. Then I saw that you're on the other side of the world from me. I'm awful with this kind of stuff, but is it the opposite season for you?
  3. How about some dramatic makeup? I think the autumn leaves or feathers in your hair is a great idea, as well as gold highlighter (makeup), also in your hair and on your face (cheekbones)...maybe a gold shimmer. It would be wonderful to have a yellow dress or burgundy, as they might be more unexpected.
  4. thanks for your suggestions! haha yes.. summer just passed and its autumn now!.. its total opposites.. christmas has the most heat
  5. ^ that's how it is for me too!!!!
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