An authentic Spy like this???

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  1. Hi, girls..:smile:

    I´ve seen this Spy ..I know is fake, but my question is...


    Has Fendi made a Spy model like this one?

    Thanksssss in advancedddd
  2. Well, not quite. There is a zucca/leather spy, but the handles are not woven. They are tortuga.
  3. yeah mine is the faux turtle shells
  4. They've never made that model with handles like the one you posted. They've only made it with tortuga handles like the one in the link BTBF posted.
  5. Ohhh, I supposed...

    I´ve been looking celeb´s with the one I´ve posted but it was impossible!

    Thanksssss :love:
  6. Hello There,
    I am looking for a green spy, I saw one in modaqueen but the color os very dark green. is that ok?

  7. I saw a pic of Paris Hilton's friend (can't remember her name) with a zucca spy. Lemme see if I can find it. There was also a pic of Serena Williams with a zucca, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I saw that photo!