An Aussie girls collection..

  1. hi ladies,

    as promised here is my modest yet much loved Coach collection. I have taken about 18 monthd to accumulate this collection and I am so addicted to coach that hubby and i love nothing more than putting our three beautiful kids to bed, grabbing a cup of coffee and ebaying away for Coach bargains..(he he :p )

    hope you like...

    coach collection2.jpg
  2. Your hubby joins you to buy Coach?? aw man, I wish I had your hubby.!! I love your blue/turquoise color duffle really nice!!
  3. You have it made! Nice collection and a husband who shares your addiction. Wow!!!!
  4. I can't believe you've got your husband shopping for Coach on eBay! Lovely collection.
  5. that's a pretty awesome collection for an aussie girl! my friend who is in perth is always complaining how overpriced coach is in australia!
  6. Nice that hobo on the left!!
  7. impressive (both the collection and ebaying husband)

    lucky ;)
  8. Wow, you are a lucky girl! Love your collection and the fact you have a hubby who supports your Coach/eBay shopping! Congrats!
  9. Nice collection! Very colorful:drool:
  10. Great collection!! Thanks for sharring pics!
  11. Beautiful collection!!! How do you get your hubby to shop with you??? Mine is too busy watching ESPN or playing playstation games!!!
  12. Love your collection.
  13. Very nice collection!
  14. Nice collection! Very assorted :smile:
  15. Nice collection! I love the rose colored suede duffle! Amazing! :smile: