An attempt to do the right thing goes weird...

  1. Well, it's about time, lol! She should refund your postage!
  2. Why not ask her how she wants you to return it, and you'll do that once you receive the funds via paypal to cover whatever return method she chooses?

    Honestly, you've done her a huge favour here, I'd be falling over myself to say thanks and make sure you weren't out of pocket...
  3. THIS :rochard:
  4. finally!
  5. Can I ask a little more advice on this topic?

    The seller did eventually reply with her address, but not a preferred method of shipment, so for security, I mailed the wallet back in a small flat rate box (Priority) last week. It arrived on July 5th, according to delivery confirmation. I thought that maybe the seller was away for the holiday, but she knew I was mailing it back and didn't say anything about it.

    It's been 4 days, and I haven't heard a peep out of her. No "thank you," no acknowledgment that it arrived, etc. I don't mean to be a total cheapskate, but I really would like to get my $5 and change back for mailing the wallet back. Since it's been 4 days, would it be acceptable to write her (AGAIN) and ask for a reimbursement on the shipping? In her original email to me after I told her I had the wallet she said she'd "gladly reimburse my time and postage." Soooo....
  6. Wish I'd seen this before I mailed- good ideas that clearly would've saved me some trouble!
  7. I would have no problem e-mailing her again...asking if the wallet arrived and when can you expect the $5 postage refund. I would also add your Pay Pal info (even if she already has it) so she can just Pay Pal the postage refund to you!

    You went above & beyond to get this wallet back to would think she would be grateful and not try to stiff you on postage refund!:nogood:
  8. You would think, wouldn't you? :-/

    One other tidbit I meant to mention- I never did leave feedback for my initial sale. Seems like she might want to send a refund since I *could* still ding feedback... not that I would, but just sayin'.
  9. I would :shrugs: am I bad? lol. You are a great person though..I might have considered keeping it :p Stay on her deserve your shipping costs back!

    I'm also curious about what kind of messages have been going back and forth with the winner from the wallet's listing.
  10. You and me both!! I keep checking her feedback and she hasn't received any from the wallet sale.
  11. I don't think you'd be out of line to send her a Paypal invoice, either ;)
  12. It's so heartwarming to know there's still honest people out there.
    Kudos to you for doing the right thing. If I'd been the seller and someone was as honest as you, I swear, I'd be mailing you a gift card about now! :flowers:
  13. Sometimes we do things just because it's right, and wouldn't accept anything in return. I know I declined a "discount" from a seller who shipped the wrong item to me (much more expensive than what I bought), shipped it on my dime (I did accept reimbursement for that) and am still waiting (very patiently) for the person who got my item to ship it back to her so she can send it to me.

    Karma. :smile:
  14. Bottom line, did the right thing!
    I wish there were more people in this world like you!
    Hope you get your S/H back...........
  15. She SHOULD refund you and shouldn't have to ask for it. But things aren't always like they should be. You are an honest person, I would be so thankful I would have refunded you plus some! If you feel like you want to ask for the refund go right ahead. She did say she would. It's kind of a tough decision since it's not a lot of money, BUT it makes me mad that you even have to think about asking for your money back!

    No matter what you decide, I hope you have peace of mind knowing you're the better person and any of us sellers would be lucky to do business with you!:flowers: