An Asscher Reveal!

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  1. I want to thank Ame for all of her wonderful guidance in finding the perfect diamond. She is an amazing asset to the forum. She informed us of the impending diamond price increase so I knew I had to find my special stone asap. This was supposed to be my 10th anniversary gift but I am enjoying it 2.5 years early. Here is my 2.17 carat asscher. It is more sparkly than I thought it would be and so alluring. Thank you for joining me! :smile:


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  2. Perfect!
    You did a good job, AME!!!
  3. I love the Asscher cut! Model pics? =)
  4. Love!!
  5. It is GORGEOUS...It's my pleasure! I am so glad you found one that you lovelovelove!
  6. Pretty!
  7. Amazing!!! Love it!
  8. Stunning :smile:
  9. It's simply beautiful. Good job Ame!!

    CL I hope you love and wear this gorgeous ring every day.
  10. Congrats CL! Yay AME!!
  11. That is really pretty!
  12. :smile: So glad you're so happy!
  13. Very gorgeous stone! I am a huge fan of the Asscher cut - such understated elegance and class. Would love to see modeling pix.
  14. Congrats ! So stunning and unique . Yes ame is amazing ! Spoiler alert: I will have an reveal soon to thanks to her :smile:
  15. So pretty!!