An article from someone who obviously doesn't like scarves


Patina in progress
Feb 14, 2008
I so CANNOT relate:

She has taken the sensible path of perpetual blondeness, which I also intend to cling to till I pop my clogs, but in the quest for power she's also taken on that dreadful robe of office, the Hermes scarf and its near relations.

The nearly old - and the old already - wear them softly knotted and draped, as she did last week, over boring tailored suits. They are a declaration that if glamour must be denied them, or their old suit hasn't worn out yet, at least they can spend a fortune on a square of rag with pictures on it.

Then, God forbid, they take to poking pearl necklaces underneath them.
The square scarf is a strange thing with no legitimate function other than conferring blandness on all who wear it.


Jan 11, 2008
Ah well, more for us! It's strange that someone can be so venomous towards a scarf, a pashmina, or a string of pearls. They're not the sole preserve of maiden aunts. She mustn't have had very nice aunts!


Jan 5, 2007
Am I the only one that found the article hilarious? :roflmfao:

And to be honest, most of the time I see middle aged or older women wearing the hermes type of silk scarf, but I see more and more 20-30 s wearing them as well. It seems to be catching on with a younger and younger crowd here at least.

It doesen't matter though. Everyone wear what they like. What you wear will not change your personality.