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Oct 22, 2006
This is an apology thread for any person who feels they may have said some thing that might have offended another TPFer.

I'll start and I apology in advance cause it's long.

First and foremost.....I apology to any one that I may have offended in my "on the heels of homelessness" thread. I in no way meant anything mean spirited in the thread. I started the homeless thread because it affects everyone in one way or another. I wanted to relate what had happened to me that day and see how others felt about the homeless people. Of course there will be differences of opinions; that happens on any thread started....however, I was not putting me or my family out there for accolades. This is such a serious problem all over the world and I thought it would be nice for others to contribute their thoughts on the subject.

Originally Posted by heartnaspade
Why are you talking about them like they're animals? This is the second thread you've started where you simultaneously brag about how kind and generous your family is, while also implying that they are naive and misguided to be helping such "dangerous" people.

This is actually the THIRD thread she's done so. And I agree completely, heartnspade, I don't know what the point of these threads are other than (a) I/my daughter/my family possess such noblesse oblige and aren't we wonderful...

You took parts of my postings about homeless and jobless people and put together what you wanted so it made me look as though I was bragging. It was not my intention to imply that my family was naive or misguided about helping such "dangerous" people. I said there were two out of the many that seemed a little scary. that was it. I also said most of them were very nice and worked hard.

And just so we are clear here, let me state AGAIN, that my daughter could very easily have been homeless not long ago because she is an ALCOHOLIC. By the grace of god, she went into rehab to get better.

If you think I feel as though my family is noblesse oblige and "aren't we wonderful", then you should read my posts and threads about my life. I hide nothing, and in fact, post about alcholism with my daughter and the hell I have been through, my dad who has never hugged or kissed me or said I love you, and the thread about feeling hopeless and I am pretty sure you won't ever think I consider my family to be saints. Now if I want to give them kudos for doing something awesome in my eyes, then I have that right.

I wish I could be that person that has the perfect life, the perfect all american family.

Originally Posted by yvalenz
Maybe I'm interpreting what you are saying all wrong, but it seems like you pass judgment on quite a lot of people and have a great deal of misconceptions about people's background and how they end up in their particular situations. You're entitled to your opinion, however controversial, incorrect, biased it may be.

Just like the homeless thread, I hope that you will come to realize that "illegal" workers are just trying to do the same thing that "legal" works are - provide for themselves and their family, and have a decent life. If your father has been doing this for years, and has yet to be hurt, robbed, attacked - wouldn't this tell you something about their character? "Illegals" just like "legal" citizens, are trying to make a living, provide for their families, and in many cases, find a better life than what they left behind.

Great post. I am not saying this to be rude, but I can't help but notice that a lot of abbygirl's posts are in regards to people who are obviously in a socioeconomic class below her: the homeless, housekeepers, illegal immigrants... I just wonder why these topics are so appealing for her to discuss.

The above statement is so way off base here. Regarding my housekeeper, I started that about me feeling guilty for having one. At some point I did state that she didn't speak much english and I had a hard time talking to her about my sheets. They had nothing to do with me thinking I was better than her.

For the record, I am married to a hispanic/italian. SO I am far from being judgemental or racist. If you are gonna read my posts, then PLEASE read them ALL and read every line, not between them.

These topics I discuss are not "so appealing" as you state. They were however, topics that I felt could be talked about with some compassion and knowledge from everyone.

So here is my apology, I am so sorry again if I offended anyone. It is never my intent to hurt feelings or come across as being better than anyone. I love to read threads, and I like to offer my advice because I have been through so many things in my life that if I think it may help one person, than thats great.

I am not an articulate writer, and sometimes I guess my words come across wrong, but that is never my intent to be rude or nasty; unless it is from one nameless TPFer that made a very rude remark about my son.

If you read a thread that you disagree with, you have the option to NOT POST, or at the very least, not be outright rude to the OP whether it is me or someone else.

thank you for those who took the time to read this.
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