an anyone help with Leighton Meester bag??

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  1. Hi Everyone!!

    Can anyone help identify Leighton Meester bag??


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  2. ^not sure about the bag, but is she dressed in character as blair? i can't believe blair would wear Jorts!
  3. The bag is by Bally.
  4. where can you buy it? and what is the name of the bag?
  5. They were rehersing :smile: That's what first came to my mind when i saw this pic on the Leighton Meester thread.
  6. Yep, Bally!
    there's the online store but they don't carry this exact bag :sad:
  7. Yep, it seems to be the same! TDF!!!
  8. Does anybody know where to buy it in the US with the silver studs?
  9. Wow! I love, love, love that bag. I am not usually wowed by Bally, but in this one is a winner!