An antique kind of REVEAL

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  1. LOL! Thanks. I'm such a comedic person, I just had to do it. haha
  2. Yes, you rock that bag!
  3. Vogue! LOL!

    Love it!!!

  4. LOL!! Thanks:P
  5. Great bag. I would love to see pics of the butterfly bag. Enjoy!
  6. YAHOO, she's beautiful!!
  7. beautiful bag, lov!

    the MFF gallery totes are awesome!!
  8. I am loving the color of that bag. Congrats.
  9. Thanks, I'm so excited I can't wait to wear her out!!
  10. I love that bag, and those antique gold boutique totes are still being sold! Nice find and great pics.
  11. I forgot to say that it has a break away zipper.
  12. looks good on you.
  13. Go 'head girl...strike a pose!!! Love it!!! And your cute bag too!! :graucho:

  14. hahaha! Thanks april!
  15. Super cute! I wish I had an outlet by me!