An antique kind of REVEAL

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  1. So my outlet had a new floorset out today. I know I said I wasnt going to get anymore bags BUT I have been wanting this bag for a while since seeing it @ Macy's. This is the MFF version and it looks exactly like it.
    Anyone want too see?
  2. I do!
  3. #3 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Here she is...Gallery Patent E/W TOTE in Antique Gold :smile:

  4. I wanna see!
  5. Me too!!
  6. I like it!! Very cute!!!
  7. Wow, that is SO pretty!

    Did you get a chance to check out the rest of the new floorset? Anything else interesting?
  8. How is the patent on it? Mod shots?
  9. congrats good for you! yahoo
  10. They had some raisin signature bags. Some green leather bags.
    They had this ew tote in a purple color.
    They had the butterfly jewel zoe bags in small.
    They had Metallic silver and also red patent c tote's
    Some FP deletes um that's all I can remember cause that is what I looked at.

  11. I does feel plastic like and thick, which is a bummer but I decided to get it anyways cause I really like the look of the bag itself.
  12. 'Thanks everyone!! I'll post mod shots in a few minutes.
  13. I had fun with the modeling pics. I figured if they are going to be modeling pictures then I should do just that. LOL HAHA
    I won't hold my breath for New york to call though. :biggrin:
    I'm a fluffy woman, so it may look different on you.
  14. Sorry to get off-track, Op.. Hello, peggle! Good to see ya !!!!!:smile:

    Meanwhile, OP, that bag is really cute and the leather shade is really eye-catching. Enjoy!!!!!

    Ring-ring! Oo, better answer the phone in case that IS New York! Love those modeling pics!!!! HAWWWT!
  15. LOVE the modeling pics!! And the bag too!!