An Anthacite !!!! Yeah, but which one ?

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An Anthracite !!! Yeah, but which one ?

  1. Twiggy

  2. Work

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  1. Hi Anthralovers !

    I recently fall in :heart: with this color but i don't know which model i should get.:confused1:.
    I'm thinking about a Twiggy or a Work... (something practical for me).

    But i would like your opinion :what is best model for this color ? How did you choose yours ? Have you seen the both ?

    I really need your help !!!!:yes:
  2. work :yes:
    u can use it for carrying papers and it's good looks empty slouched, and it still look great filled with stuff.
  3. Work!
  4. Couldn't have said it better :yes:
  5. work
  6. work - I have one and love it!!!!!!!
  7. I can't vote because I think it'd look awesome in BOTH. I have an anthra Twiggy and it's such a great color for that style. Very neutral and wearable with just about any outfit.

    If you lug a lot of stuff around, though, Work would be just peachy. I think it's just a matter of whether you need a roomier bag. You can't go wrong with either, style-wise!
  8. Totally agree - it depends on your needs!
  9. I can't choose either because it's gorgeous in ANY style, it just depends which style suits your needs. Also, it might help to see them in person because you might fall desperately in love with the leather on a particular bag.
  10. Ya gotta give us more info on what is making you waffle between the two ... otherwise we can't really make an informed recommendation. ;)
  11. I agree. It would also help to know what other bags you have, at least in terms of size.
  12. Thank you so much for your advice !!!:p
    I love the both size too.
    I don't really need a particular size because i 've got Red Work, Calcaire Twiggy, Ink City and first. I love city size, but mine is already dark and i plan to buy the blue glacier,so, that's why i'm looking for Twiggy or Work. I need a dark one in this size too.
    I'm just wondering which model is more beautiful in anthracite:confused1:. I saw many picture of work and it seems to suit perfectly... I'm completely lost...No many picture of anthraTwiggy:crybaby:.
  13. Kristy, can you post a pic of your Anthra Twiggy so that Zibeline can see what it looks like? :smile:
  14. I would say go with the Work, you already have a smaller dark bag - you don't have a dark bigger bag. I think you'll find an Anthracite Work very useful. Best of Luck with your choice!