An anniversary to remember ***pics of my newest bag***

  1. my dh and i are celebrating 8 years together this month. first he booked us two nights at the new venetian in macau and took me to watch the beyonce experience there last weekend. :yahoo: she was amazing. this sunday we are leaving for tokyo (without dd) for 5-days for our annivesary trip. i am super excited because i've never been to tokyo before.
    i thhought all of these were enough but he actually outdid himself this year and bought me a bag from my wishlist. i love this bag. so roomy and has a zip-top closure. i treated it with some leather conditioner so i can stop worrying about water stains.
    without further ado my new mono lockit horizontal....


    she fits a lot of stuff but i didn't want to overload her...

  2. Aww....what a sweet DH. Congrats on your new bag & have fun in Tokyo!!
  3. wow, very nice ... congrats and Happy Anniversary!
  4. Happy Anniversary your bag is great and everything sounds wonderful CONGRATULATIONS!
  5. Awww...What a great hubby!! Sounds like such an amazing Anniversary!!
  6. Happy Anniversary....gorgeous bag!!!!!
  7. I love thisbag!! Modelling pics?
  8. Happy Anniversary and congrats!
  9. Aww, your DH is so sweet! And he picked well, that is a gorgeous bag! :drool: One of the few monogram bags I like :p Congrats, and enjoy your Tokyo sojourn!!!
  10. gorgeous:tup::tup:
  11. Love the damier and ivoire trousee against the mono. Very classy and congrats.
  12. lovely! Congrats - and have a great trip!
  13. what a great husband~
    congratulations on you anniversay and on your bag!
  14. That's so sweet! I hope you have fun in Tokyo, I heard it's gorgeous there!
  15. Ooo can you post a modeling pic of it on the shoulder??

    I love this bag!