An Anniversary Gift from DH (Model pics!)

  1. I've been hinting what I wanted for our Anniversary, but I wasn't sure if he was paying much attention. Well, to my surprise he was and he picked out the right one - a black caviar medium classic double flap w/GH. He admitted that he had to print out a picture and showed it to the SA in the Chanel Boutique since he had no clue what the heck it was called. He didn't know how he can surprise me with it, so what he did was he yelled my name and said to come downstairs in hurry because something happened to our tree outside (we had a big storm last night), so here I came rushing and when I got out of our garage, my DH was on down on his one knee, holding a Chanel box and said, "Happy Anniversary, Honey"! You can just imagine how happy I was!:yahoo:
    Everyone here said that the Classic Double Flap is a MUST HAVE CHANEL....well, I couldn't agree more! This is my very first Chanel and I'm very happy with your suggestion. Thank you Tpfers!

    Here she is.....worn in three different ways. I'm 5'2".

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Over the shoulder - Casual

    Over the shoulder - Dressy w/double strap

    Over the shoulder - Long strap

    Handheld - Shorten strap

    Close up look


    that is an adorable story!

    the bag ain't too bad either! congrats!
  3. Looks great on you!!
    Happy anniversary!!
  4. You have such a wonderful husband! Congrats. Love how you carry it off :tup:
  5. That is so delicious! Congrats on your anniversary and gift :biggrin:
  6. Just fabulous and how romantic! I adore your dress too . . .
  7. Awww that's so cute! I hope to have a DH like that some day. Congrats on your sweet hubby AND your awesome flap.
  8. how cute!!!!! (the story that is.) your husband is so sweet. he could give my BF some tips!!! :smile:

    the bag looks gorgeous on you!!!! :p
  9. Beautiful bag congrats!!! I need to "train" my fiance more hehee...
  10. How sweet!! you look gorgeous with the bag, enjoy!!
  11. you totally rock that bag!!! cutee story too...your hubby is soo sweet!
  12. Wow, thats so sweet. How come my BF never suprises me like that. You look beautiful
  13. Thanks for all the nice compliments. I couldn't wait to show her off, so I took her during the day as you can see (casual outfit), then took her with us to our anniversary dinner (dress). I swear, I think I paid more attention to Chanel during dinner than my DH. I know sad, but true!:p
  14. how SWEET is your DH! congrats, it really looks gorgeous on you!
  15. That is definitely really sweet of your DH. I love how he surprised you! Makes me feel all warm inside. :love: I am really happy for you and your bag is gorgeous. I love how its so versatile with every outfit and straps. I love your printed dress btw!