An American Buying Louis Vuitton in Paris...

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  1. I'm going to Paris on vacation next week and have my eye on a Neverfull PM. I live in NYC and I am wondering if it is cheaper to buy the bag in Paris and get a refund on the duty, or just buy here in New York.

  2. I think France is the cheapest place to buy LV. Have fun! We are leaving on the 23th for a 4 day trip to Paris!
  3. I got the Azur Galliera PM in Paris and it was definitely cheaper than in the States. I saved on the base price even before the VAT refund.
  4. Have a grea time! Where are you staying?

  5. France is alot cheaper than NY prices. Don't forget to get the VAT refund! Have a great time in Paris.
  6. paris--- my favorite city in the world!!! have a great time.
    definitely get it from there and dont forget the vat!:biggrin:
  7. I hear paris is cheaper esp. if you sit down and do the math. But make sure you have an SA who knows what your talking about. lol my mom would have gotten me a damier azur speedy 30 from the champs de elysees (sp?) shop when they were there a few weeks ago but the SA could not understand what my mom was asking. She asked for any other SA who spoke english but apparently he was the only one working that day who spoke any english. Lets just say my mom came home empty handed. :cry:
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    I just bought my first monogram speedy 30 from Paris at the Champs Elysees store. It's a wonderful experience (it being my second time!). It would be better if you make your purchase on the second floor since the first floor was chaos. Many tourists flock there, including myself, but I had a much more quiet and attentive purchase on the second floor. Almost all the Sales Associates are fluent in more than three languages. The young lady who assisted me spoke English, French, Spanish and Japanese. The young lady who assisted me with the VAT refund spoke SEVEN languages. It was nothing short of amazing. Make sure you visit all the floors. It's like being in a museum, but it's actually fun.:yes:

    Oh and the speedy came out to $639 without the VAT refund. With the refund it came out to $580. J'aime Paris!
  9. Hi there, just wondering if you end up paying additional taxes in the US? Also did they ctually checked your purchases? Im thinking of putting it in my luggage. Or I might just use it that day. Thanks!
  10. In order to claim your VAT refund, you have to show your purchases, unused and in their original packaging at the airport. Last year I did the VAT refund at Heathrow (London) since that was my last European stop and they didn't ask for anything. This time I did it at Charles De Gaulle and they asked to see my purchases so it is not recommended that you put it in your luggage. I had mine in my carry-on.

    I went with my boyfriend so I claimed my Louis in my customs paper and small trinkets. Anything else I bought I had him claim since it's an $800 limit per person before they US taxes you. I think it's different with families so I would look into that if that's your situation.

    You are so unbelievably lucky to be going. I miss Paris so much! I hope you have a great time and I hope my reply helped :biggrin:.
  11. Does anyone know how the VAT refund changes if you have a Canadian passport? I have a Canadian passport, but my husband has an American one. TIA.
  12. You will get 12% back at TRS.
    French price are the cheapeast and they have everything in stock in the Champs Elysées shop.
    Neverfull PM: 415€ - 12% = 365,2€
    Exchange rate: 1€=1.4$
    Price paid in USD: $511
    US Price : 650$

    You save 140$ minus the interest the bank charges you :smile:

    Enjoy Paris!
  13. I was looking on at the french prices. Are those the prices the same as the ones in the Botique? Is the VAT added to the price of an item then you get the refund later? Or is the VAT alread added and you get the refund off the price the is posted on the item?
  14. That is the french boutique price. VAT is already built into the price you see. You can claim a VAT refund when you leave the EU.
  15. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much!!! That is soooooooo much cheaper now.adding more to my wantlist.