An Amazing Story - Darius Goes West!

  1. some of y'all may have seen this on the Today show this morning, but for those that missed it, i really wanted to post it because it's such a wonderful, inspiring thing that these kids did, and in MY TOWN, nonetheless! Here's the link to the segment:

    Darius is a teenager that suffers from a disease that prohibits him from walking. He's an Athens, Georgia local and comes from a modest background, financially speaking. About three years ago, some of Darius's friends started to make noise in our little college town (home of the University of Georgia) that Darius wanted to take his wheelchair to West Coast Customs, the company that produces vehicles for MTV's 'Pimp My Ride,' but MTV wouldn't pay any attention to him. Slowly, with coverage through local media and the University, Darius and his friends were able to save up enough money to have West Coast Customs 'pimp' Darius's wheelchair, complete with rims, iPod dock, Playstation2, and a subwoofer in the back.

    When that was accomplished, Darius's friends decided that they wanted HIM to be able to see the country - he had never left the state or seen the ocean, even though Georgia has a coast, because travel was too costly for his family with his disability. So his friends, inspired by the memory of his brother who died from the same disease that afflicts Darius, spent a great deal of time putting together things like door-to-door barbeque sales in order to finance Darius's trip west. When they finally had enough money, they documented the whole trip via video, and even seeing short clips of it makes me want to cry. Anyone who watches that clip will understand why.

    I've been lucky enough to meet Darius numerous times - we're a small, tight-knit community and he comes in to the store that I work at very often. He is incredibly kind and SO worthy of the wonderful things that his friends have worked so hard to do for him. I think stories like his remind all of us that we take so many incredible things, like seeing the ocean, for granted in life and that if we try, a couple of individuals can make a HUGE impact on the life of another.

    Seeing Darius on the Today show truly made my day, and I hope that you all enjoy the clip. Think of it as a little reminder of what we all can do for each other.
  2. Stories like this really give me hope for the human race. Thanks for sharing.