An amazing gift..with a story behind it..

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  1. I wanted to share my gift I received from a dear friend of mine. She was visiting her home country of Bolivia and spent a day in the flea market section and decided to go through several boxes of scarves that were selling for a dollar (YES A DOLLAR!). After spending hours of digging she found a few pretty scarves and at the very bottom of the box was this beautiful scarf... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397689711.383082.jpg
  2. I realized it was the astrologie scarf but we were not sure if this was authentic or not so I put it away waiting for the next time I would go to the boutique to have them take a look at it. I finally stopped by last week and show them the scarf and the sales people were amazed at the condition and said "do you know you have one of the most sought after colorways in this pattern?!" I had no idea!

    We were not able to date the age of the scarf by looking at but it's very vintage as it's not a color that been released for at least the past decade or two so if anybody has an idea of the age would be appreciated but in the meantime I had my little baby Betty model a few poses for you... ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397690063.459072.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397690073.249335.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397690088.147824.jpg
  3. Wow what a great find!
  4. What a great find!! Congrats!
  5. That's an amazing find and even more amazing story!!! congrats and what a cute (and fashionable) pup!
  6. What an amazing find!! Congratulations!!
  7. That is amazing and what a great feeling it must have been to find it. Almost like digging for gold.
  8. Wow, what a score! I love the photos with your pup, especially the first one!

    I once was given a scarf by a friend - she bought it at a thrift shop. It was originally marked as $3.95, but since no one bought it, it was marked down by half and my friend got it for me as a joke. Turns out it was an authentic Hello Dolly! scarf - it really made me laugh. I like it and have worn it, but it was not a rare piece as yours is! Definitely make sure you wear and enjoy your beauty!!
  9. Fantastic story!
  10. WOW great find!!!!!! It's a beautiful scarf, enjoy her in the very best of health! (and your doggie is a cutie :smile:)
  11. Congratulations on a really beautiful scarf. I love the whole story of your friend searching for you and finding this gem but more than that......I love your fur baby. She is the perfect model and her face says it all.
  12. Shows that there are good finds out there indeed.
  13. What a great find and an adorable pup! I love how your friend found it for $1, that is amazing!
  14. great find!!
  15. Great story and adorable puppy!