An amazing and unexpected day in Chanel, Paris. sorry long post!

  1. Well, DH certainly gave me a nice surprise (he never surprises me, so this was big!)

    We were in Paris last week, and on our first morning there, he was sort of rushing me to get ready. I had a feeling something was up. He was sort of pacing a bit and said, can you be ready by 11? I said, sure. Got myself ready and the phone was ringing, I answered and it was the Concierge of Le Crillon telling us that our car was waiting out front.

    Of course I asked, where are we going but he just said, shopping. Got into the car and I was trying to figure out where we were going and then noticed we turned on to Rue Cambon, so I knew where we were going:yahoo:I thought, ok, he is going to buy me a bag and was very excited. We walked in and DH ushered me past the bags, so I thought...maybe shoes? I was ushered past shoes and all the way to the back of the store to RTW.:nuts: We were met there by a lovely SA, who was expecting us and had an assortment of black jackets ready for me to try on! I was so happy, yet so nervous (thinking, gosh PLEASE let me have a decent bra on!) Luckily I did:sweatdrop:
    So, I got my first Chanel jacket. From Cruise 08. The pics don't really do it justice. It's so beautiful IRL. On the way out, I just had to get some shoes too...
    or you can wear it closed with just one button and the camellia lining peeking through
    and new shoes:

    Thanks for letting me share my fun day:flowers:
  2. C'est magnifique Siri Anne! LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket--it's a classic yet modern jacket that you will be able to wear forever! Fabulous choice!!

    I also like the two toned pumps a lot. Another great decision!

    Best of all though is your DH. What a wonderful surprise:girlsigh:... ahhhh love in paris...what can be better!!
  3. Ohh Siri Anne, that jacket is beautiful and the shoes are gorgeous too! What a lovely DH you have! YOU HAVE TO POST SOME MODELLING PICS WITH THAT JACKET it will look fabulous.
  4. OMG! The jacket is (of course) AMAZING. I'm blown away by the shoes, I must admit! I don't normally like Chanel shoes but this pair ... OMG, they took my breath away. LOVE 'EM, LOVE 'EM! Congrats

    PS ... does your DH have a brothers? A few of us sure would love a clone!
  5. How sweet of your DH!!!

    I've been to Paris, but at the time I wasn't "in" to Chanel. I'd love to go back one day and buy something from the Rue Cambon store, just for sentimental reasons LOL.
  6. wow oh wow!
  7. Thanks so much. The SA thought that one suited me best, and who am I to argue with her? There was one other surprise. The next moring, we received a hand delivered invitation to a private Christmas party at Boucheron:nuts: We went for the free champers and canapes, and left with an amazing goodie bag! Another great surprise:yes:

    I promise I will. Tomorrow. Definitely

    Awww thanks so much. I never owned Chanel shoes either, but just loved these. Yes, DH is very special indeed. He has a brother, but he's married with a kid. ;) I should mention it was our 5th wedding anniversary, so he wanted to do something special.

    Oh, you must! It's such a great experience. The Rue Cambon store is amazing. It's so big, and like a maze. You can get lost in there:lol:
  8. Siri Anne this is an unforgetable experience indeed!:yes:I'm so glad you have such a wonderful husband who knows how to create such unique moments!:tup:
    I looove your new jacket and the shoes too!They're so classy:nuts:!Congrats and wear them in good health!
  9. wow you have the sweetest Dh! Love the gorgeous jacket and the shoes are fab! I have the exact pair! love them. congrats on your wonderful trip and purchases!!!
  10. wow congrats!!! ur DH is so sweet :smile:
  11. OMG siri anne - you are soooooooo lucky to have such a wonderful DH!!! Can't wait for modelling pics of your fab new jacket and shoes - they're beautiful!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love:
  12. siri anne! What a heartwarming story. I love how he surprised you! That really shows that he's listening and knows what your heart desires (besides him of course!)

    Both the jacket and the shoes are very lovely. I reaaaallly like those shoes though - unique yet classic take on the two-tone. Two tone shoes are all the rage now but I find that other designers are making them more trendy looking. I love how the Chanel version is so classic.

    Congrats!!!! Now I'll be drooling after your gorgeous hybrid flap, your Dior gaucho boots, your jacket AND these new chanel shoes! :drool:
  13. Awwwwwww, what a romantic your DH is. You're one lucky lady Siri. What a great way to celebrate your 5th anniversary. I love both the jackets and shoes. I'd be smiling all day each time I wear these items. Congrats!
  14. awww this is truly such a sweet story!!!!

    that is so touching and your Chanel RTW jacket is fabulous!!! definitely post it to the reference thread for Chanel RTW if you get a chance =)

    Love to see modeling pics too!!!
  15. Congrats! What an amazing suprise!!!