An Alternative to Ebay!

  1. This article ran in today's Washington Post:

    It's about a website devoted to authenticating and then selling authentic luxury items. They focus heavily on jewelry, but also carry high end second hand bags.

    If you are as frustrated with eBay fakes as I am, maybe you'll find this interesting too. Definitely for the high end of the bag spectrum, but I think it's got a lot of appeal.:okay:
  2. I think Portero used to sell on eBay too. I guess they've expanded!
  3. actually i think i saw a portero auction on eBay just last week.
  4. Yeah, Portero sells on eBay. I used to look at their LV auctions sometimes.
  5. are they truly legit? what makes them experts? how are they different? sorry, i'm a bit leary about online stores that claim to sell only authentic stuff.
  6. They apparently train their staff to spot fakes. They claim in the article to be pretty good at it. All the merchandise comes to them in person so that they can check the items themselves. They look at the hardware, the leather, even the smell to ascertain that it is authentic and in like-new condition. How good are they really? Darned if I know, but this seems better than just some ebay seller from Hong Kong claiming that their merch is real.

    Anyway, I just wanted to throw it out there for you all to look at since there are frequent threads about yearnings for an alternative to ebay.