An almost-mine wallet reveal!

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  1. Story first (hope that you're patient enough ;) )...

    Let's just say for the past 2 months (almost), I have this love-hate relationship with my Joey wallet. I was really in love with it when it first came into my life and I find it really functional but it's the main bill compartment that I couldn't put up with. To make that part of this story short, I had to let another "mommy" take care of her and so she was sold.

    Today, my friend and I went to LV and checked out some wallets. Our plan is to have some sort of an "exchange gift" because my friend has this notion that when a wallet is gifted to you, it becomes a lucky wallet! Haha! I know! But since I've been wanting to have a brand new wallet, I agreed with her "proposal".

    This visit to the LV store should be memorable too as this was my first time to buy in a store. I always buy my "babies" overseas and pre-loved. I was pinning to buy an Emilie wallet in Damier Ebene and a Multicolore Pochette Cles in Noir. But lo and behold, both were out of stock! :eek: My friend did manage to have a hold of what she wanted, an Emilie wallet in Mono with the red interior. Since the plan is to have an exchange gift (I need to have an item to exchange with, right? ;)) and I also don't want to go home empty-handed, I ventured my eyes once more to the displays and there she was, also the last piece in the store, a... (here's the part where you say, FINALLY! :biggrin: )

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  2. A Josephine Wallet! :biggrin:
  3. That's my friend and the Josephine she'll gift me with and then here's me with her Emilie that I'll gift her with, haha! And we even manage to have our picture taken by our SA as we exchange our "lucky" wallets! Silly, I know! :P

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  4. +1
    Aww I must of texted just as you put pic. I love my josephine.
  5. never heard of the exchange gift story but such a meaningful idea. now when you use your wallet, you will think of this moment and your friend. congrats!
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    Last edited: Apr 26, 2014
    But why was my thread's title " An Almost-Mine Wallet Reveal"?

    That's because I only bought the Josephine just to have a wallet to exchange with my friend today. I don't want to mess up our perfect plan ;) But I asked our SA to reserve for me my Emilie wallet in Damier Ebene and the Multicolore Pochette Cles in Noir. Our SA told us that LV is modifying something with the Emilie Damier Ebene and it might take a while to have it in stock again. I haven't heard a news about that modification but if it was true, I'm curious! I can return and exchange within a month. So we'll see. I might or might not fall in love with the Josephine in a month's time or less, but I'll surely go back to LV to check out the Emilie and finally buy my MC Pochette Cles.

    So here are some more pics of Josephine at home. Thanks for reading my long post and thanks for letting me share! :biggrin:

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  7. She's made in France and was born on the 10th week of 2014 :biggrin:
  8. Lovely story, Congrats to you both!!:smile:
  9. Thanks dear! ^^) I will give her a try. Who knows? I might choose Josephine in the end ;)
  10. Thanks dear! ^^) That's so true. Whether I end up with Josephine or Emilie, I'll always cherish this LV moment with my dear friend :smile:
  11. Thanks so much dear! ^^)
  12. Congrats!
  13. What a great idea!! Now you both will have special memories associated with the wallets!

    I'm curious what the change is with Emilie in DE!! I'm impatiently waiting for it!!
  14. nice wallet - congrats!
  15. Very sweet idea and beautiful wallets. Congrats to you both!