An All Around Classic/Affordable Leather Purse

  1. I want to invest in a leather bag that I can use for quite sometime; however, I lack the money for a gorgeous Chloe or Chanel =(. Any suggestions for an affordable soft leather bag that's below $500?
  2. Undoubtedly, a Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Teri. Soft leather, lots of pockets, gorgeous elegant look, and very versatile! Cant go wrong!
  3. NMV02LV_mn.jpg
  4. if someone hasn't already suggested it try
  5. Coach
  6. kenneth cole
  7. Rebecca Minkoff, Gustto, Kooba, brands like that... I'm pretty sure you can find them for <$500 on sale. :yes:
    Go for a Coach!

    A pic of my new Soho classic and it retails for $200-ish but you can go to a Coach outlet and grab some AMAZING deals there!

    Coach has lots of great totes too...try looking for the Hamptons Carryall on their website!
  9. Definitely Marc Jacobs, Kooba, or Gustto
  10. Cole Haan also makes some nice bags in that price range.
  11. bulga, kooba, hayden harnett
  12. Thanks everyone =)
  13. Franky Boyy Bag in Pitch Black. I think you can carry this bag for a long long time.
  14. I too vote for Cole Haan. If you don't care about designer labels but want a great quality leather bag, CH offers tons of functional designs and a lot of bang for your buck.