an "affair" to remember....... picture overload!!!

  1. Both affairs are STUNNING! They look gorgeous on you!
  2. Love the large affair! I had given up on this style because the small one was too small for me, but I'm loving your large affair. And your small one looks cute next to the large one. It's like a mom and the baby. :lol:
  3. :bump::bump:


    check out a LARGE RED AFFAIR called "lipstick" from Shopbop!!!! although they have the measurements wrong.... the large affair measures 13" long, not 10" - that's the regular size, but clearly on the model it's the LARGE size!! WHOO HOO!!! omg, this one looks AMAZING!!! it has the silver spike studs just like my large black one!! WOW!!! LOVE IT!!
    lipstickaffair2.jpg lipstick affair1.jpg
  4. Whoa YES love me some red LARGE Affair!!! :biggrin:

  5. how does the affair compare to the swing bag? any thoughts???
  6. lovely bags... congratulations!! Love these!!
  7. hi neena! i have all 3 - swing, regular affair and large affair; size-wise, swing and regular affair are very similar - major difference is in the main compartment - the swing has a divider zip pocket so there's two compartments whereas the affair has one main compartment. they both fit the same things! HTH!! :biggrin:

  8. thanks glowing! love the bal in your avatar!! :p
  9. kiwi, it's your large red affair's fraternal twin!! :p
  10. thanks ceedoan!!! i got my swing in the mail yesterday. love it except when i tried to pull the chain through to wear it as a cross-body, it is way too long!!!