An Advanced Happy LV Birthday to me! ***PICS***

  1. last friday, after much thought, i finally bought the bag of my dreams...and a little something extra. presenting my new damier alma and mini pochette!!! :yahoo: thanks to all tpfers who gave their thoughts about this bag. i am so in love with it. it's a handheld bag but really wonderful in every way.

    the first pic is of her solo and the second one is with my lovely tiny accessory. :smile:
    damier2.jpg damier1.jpg
  2. What a nice looking duo! =) Happy "early" Birthday!! Enjoy your bags!
  3. Congrats!!! Happy early Birthday!!!:yahoo: The mini Pochette is sooo cute:love:
  4. Happy, Happy early b-day! The Alma is just so gorgeous! Congrtas! It is sooo pretty!
  5. very nice. congrats!!!
  6. happy birthday! congratulations!
  7. gorgrous! happy birthday!
  8. Stunning!! Love the damier!! Congrats :smile:
  9. thanks all! you guys are the greatest.
  10. Happy Birthday to you ....the mini pochette looks fab with the alma:love:
  11. Happy Birthday!
    They're beautiful!
  12. I have this bag and I think it's so beautiful! you made a great decision. I get so many compliments on how sophisticated this bag looks. Happy Birthday and wear your new damier alma in good health!!
  13. Great choices - very classy!! Congrats and happy early birthday!!!
  14. Gorgeous bag! Love it! Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Great pair! Happy Birthday!!!