An Adorable Lv Story..

  1. STARRING: the gold Miroir Alma

    PLACE: lobby of hotel in Colorado, registration desk

    ok, here's what happened: my friend Kerry (not a tPFer, at least not yet :p) was on a business trip to Denver. She was at the check-in desk and was informed that, alas, there was no room reserved for her! Being an frequent business traveler, having of course made the reservation, and tired from the flight, she was a tad annoyed. She proceeded to figure out what to do, and set her LV MIROIR GOLD ALMA on the counter. The reservation clerk started sighing and doing the OMG OMG thing..."Girl, where did you get that bag??!! I need and want and must have that bag!! I am getting you a room now regardless of whether or not someone else gets moved! Anyone with that bag is my friend!!"" She actually started to cry in excitement, awe, and longing..., She got the ok from the hotel manager or someone high up like that, got a bellboy, tipped him HERSELF out of her own money, and Kerry was happily escorted to her room, with the Alma, natch. (nope, the clerk didnt get Kerry's bag LOL)
    I have yet to hear whether she found her Alma.....anyway, the story made me smile!!
  2. Wow, the girl really had a love at first sight moment! LV POWER!!!
  3. That's so cute!
  4. wow, what a great story!!

    i'm wondering if anyone here has a similar in they rec'd better/friendlier service from clerks, salespeople because they were carrying an LV. hasn't happened to me yet (but i haven't had my LVs for very long).
  5. Must make a note to place hottest LV on counter when ever I travel get upgraded all the way LOL

    Such a cute story
  6. Wow, talk about polar opposites from the 'Dollywood' post! I guess positive or negative, people notice LV!

    I always kind of hide my LV's - I may have to reconsider that tactic.

    Tell your friend to get on here:smile:!
  7. LOL that's so cute! and i second the motion with what Label Addict said about placing your hottest LV on the counter when negotiating travel deals to get a better deal! hahahaha
  8. Oh, the power of LoVe.
  9. thanks for sharing!! tell your friend to be a tPFer soon!!!
  10. Perfectly put. :yes:

  11. Cute story!
  12. Haha! What a funny story... :yes:
  13. That is sooo funny! Thanks for sharing such a cute story!! Boy she must've been head over heels in love with that miroir Alma!
  14. Funny story, thanks for sharing!
  15. Great Story!