An Addition: A desirable bag... ;)

  1. Hello everyone,

    Got this baby in the mail today :biggrin: She is still a little stiff, but I'm hoping that she will soften up over time. She is going to be my new daily bag:

    The Desire in Quilted Bubble Black


    And here she is next to my Balenciaga City

    I like her so far. The Deisre feels roomier than my City (even though the sizes look comparable above) but def not as soft
  2. She looks lovely! I love the comparison photo with the City!
  3. Wow I haven't seen the desiree in the quilted. She is beautiful!! Congrats!!
  4. Love it!
  5. Is that patent leather on your Desire? Love the look of it. Also love your GH City!

  6. Thanks everyone :smile: and Pink, I don't think it's patent leather, it's not as stiff as patent leather
  7. She is so pretty! Congrats :yahoo: