An addiction in the making??

  1. Well guys....after I FINALLY got my Riki bag and fell madly in love with her, I knew she would not be my last.

    I did NOT, however, expect to add to my wee JC collection of 1 so quickly. And yet....I just did!

    I am now the proud owner of a black leather Ramona!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I totally agree with everyone that the Riki and the Ramona are two entirely different bags. It's almost impossible to choose between the two if you love them both, because they are so different sizewise (is too a word!) ;)

    I'll share my story about this bag (like you really thought there wasn't going to be a tale to tell??) and photos shortly. Right now I'm celebrating my good fortune and wondering if there's a Handbags Anonymous chapter in need of a new member! :yes:
  2. Congratulations on your new Choos - I'm still waiting to get my first one but my Chloe addiction has prevented it. Let me know the date and time for Handbags Anonymous - I need it!
  3. Congratulations and enjoy Stinkerbelle :choochoo::choochoo: That is so AWESOME:yahoo: I will say the Ramona will always be my favorite over my Riki (if I HAD to Choos :choochoo:)

    It truly becomes an addiction:nuts:
    One little Choo soon leads to MANY :choochoo::choochoo: Jimmy Choo bags and yes, I hear you, I think I need to go to Handbags Anonymous with you:shame:
    Can't wait to see photos, but most of all hearing your details!
  4. Congratulations Stinkerbelle:drinkup:I love the Ramona!!! The black is sooo sexy ,stylish,sophisticated....You have now doubled your Choo collection:woohoo:I am sure you will enjoy both your new Choos. Gorgeous bags.Looking forward to the details and the new pictures.
  5. Wow, congratulations!!! I love my Ramona!! :tup: The Maddy in Champagne that was 50% off went back to London...:crybaby: so I can say that I've been "good" so far limiting myself to one Choo to date. But you must post pics!

    Congrats again. Your next childrens's book should be something about handbags...:wlae:
  6. Lucky girl! I, too am in need of an intervention. Modeling pics of your new Ramona?
    Hello, my name is Janis and I am a Choo-a-holic...
    Hello Stinkerbelle, hello Robynbenz, hello Samantha, hello Bonniec...
  7. Thank you, thank you! So here's my story, but first grab your beverage of choice and settle in 'cause it's a long one! :p

    And as a backdrop we must all remember that everything that has transpired has been somehow indirectly related to Bonniec! I felt her anxiety in trying to choose between her burgundy Riki and Ramona....I saw the great features of both as did this is all HER fault! ;)

    Getting my Riki at 50% off was still not a small splurge for me, so I thought I'd see a Ramona....umm....if we count ahead 12 and divide by 33....NEVER!

    But I found a gently used authentic bag in pert near perfect condition from a trusted eBay seller. The bag is absolutely beautiful, she took care of it the way any JC collector would! I know, I's not brand spankin' new. But it is to me! :yahoo:

    In a perfect world I would have marched right into a boutique and bought the bag at full retail price! And in a perfect world I would be Victoria freaking Beckham! :p

    I'll post lots of photos lookin' forward to that what with me being technically challenged and all. But I want you all to see this beautiful bag! :heart:
  8. :graucho:
    OK, I will blame Robynbenz for notifying me of the 50% off sale for my Ramona. So there.:p
    And in terms of the anxiety, I am regularly taking my antipsychotic medications so I am much more stable. As you can tell.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: TOOOO Funny!
  10. My new Choo!! :yahoo::heart::yahoo::heart:

    I love her, and I think I got a pretty good deal for $650 including shipping and insurance. :yes:


  11. How in the world do handbags become an addiction??? And all these years it was my alcohol intake I always made sure I kept in check! Go figure! :push:
  12. You laugh now! But just wait....jmcadon is probably right!

    At least we'll all recognize each other by our BAGS!! :p
  13. Just gorgeous! What a great purchase. Enjoy!

    Just wondering about this Handbags Anonymous. Are we aloud to carry our gorgeous Choos to the meetings or is that against the rules? :graucho: If I can't bring my Jimmy I'm not going! :tdown:Hehe, I guess that means an intervention is in my future too;)
  14. Enjoy! So far my Choo addiction has been limited to shoes, but I am hoping that changes later this year. I love the Riki, but I love the size of the Ramona.
  15. Hey, it looks great! When I bought my bag from the JC boutique, the SA told me that he views Jimmy Choo as the crackhouse of fashion, you ALWAYS come back.