Amy Winehouse's house raided by London Police!!

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  1. Amy's house was raided yesterday at 5:30 pm London time. Apparently there were tons of cops and they were bringing video cameras and everything! I hope Amy doesnt get in too much trouble, she seems like kind of a screw up but still a nice girl and a huge talent.:tdown: I read it on perez im sure he will have all the updates!
  2. I'm really sick of reading about her troubles. They should finally do something with that woman, since she's not able to do something with her life by herself.
  3. Wonder what the outcome was.
  4. I hope they wear protective gear from all the crack and drugs they are bound to find at her house!! sick woman
  5. I still love her....I have been reading alot of books about bands being the Herion diaries by Nikki Sixx....addiction is addiction. She will die, or she will recover and live her life. I love her and hope she choses recovery. XX for Amy.
  6. It's all about the hubby......not Amy.....she picked a bad boy hubby and is now experiencing the repercussions.
  7. Maybe now that her DH is locked up she can clean up her act and finally TOUR THE US!!!! Sober of course.
  8. No! I am going to see her on weds, so hopefully she wont cancel...although i can see that happening..
  9. She sure is talented - I hope she gets it together :O
  10. Don't cops usually go after drug dealers, NOT drug users?
  11. LMAO you guys crack me up!! so her unwashed body, tangled mix of weave and hair on that head and dirty clothes PLUS the drug use is her husband fault? no, they coming for her!
  12. Cleaning Up For Baby

    Filed under: Anglophilia > Amy Winehouse > Legal Matters
    The courts are open on the weekend in London????
    Amy Winehouse left her ballet slippers and short shorts at home. The Rehab singer looked her best “respectable housewife” as she made an appearance at Thames magistrates court on Saturday.
    Wino was there to see her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who was charged Saturday in a witness tampering case.
    Fielder-Civil was arrested in London on Thursday in connection with an alleged plot to fix an assault trial (he beat up a bartender) a mere days before he was set to face a judge.
    According to British reports, a London newspaper tipped off police after they got wind (and videotaped evidence) that Blake was trying to pay the victim and key witnesses to change their story.
    Fielder-Civil is being held in jail until at least November 26th.
  13. Im so fed up with her. Maybe she should go into rehab instead of writing songs about not going there :rant:
  14. Wow, that is the best pic I have seen of her in awhile.